Wedding Day Tips for Couples

Most couples start the wedding planning process full of enthusiasm and excitement. It is not uncommon for stress to creep its way in. Let’s face it, wedding planning is basically making decision after decision about details you probably never imagined. Between florals, dresses, suits, bridal party gifts, and picking your signature drinks for the cocktail hour you might find yourself not as hyped up as you were at the beginning. These tips should help keep your wedding day running smoothly. After all, we only want tears of joy on your wedding day.

Small Things Can Make a Big Difference

  • Expect the unexpected. This is vague, I know. But literally anything could end up not as planned. It doesn’t mean it will ruin the day or be disastrous. Prepare yourself mentally that something might not be the way you envisioned it. This is the time to just go with it. This goes hand in hand with the next tip.
  • Leave some buffer time in your overall timeline for the day to help with any of these little hiccups. The good news is that if I’m your photographer, this buffer time will already be included in the timeline. Working with a wedding planner will also ensure that the timeline has a little wiggle room for the unexpected.
  • Consider how you are going to wear your hair. You might be wondering why choosing an updo or letting it hang free makes any real difference. The biggest difference comes from photos. I have had the pleasure of photographing brides with amazing hair like they just got done shooting a shampoo commercial type beautiful hair. When worn down, it has a tendency to cover the face. Especially during the reception when most of the photos are candid and may be taken of your profile.
  • Teach those who are wearing a tie in the wedding party how to tie a tie. Simple but often overlooked. Here is a great video from Brooks Brothers you can direct your tie-wearing friends to.
  • Take a video of your dress being bustled while at the bridal boutique. The method is unique to each dress for the most part. Trying to remember how to bustle your dress when all you want to do is get your groove on out on the dance floor will be a bummer. The time between seeing it done and doing is months apart so a video will be super helpful.

Mo Tips, Less Problems

Milk books recently asked industry professionals for their best tips.

  • My number 1 tip for couples: No matter the type of wedding you are planning, a traditional church ceremony, an adventurous elopement or anything in between. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. You get one day to celebrate your love, the way you want. Trying to please everyone will only add stress.

Check out Milk’s blog for more wedding planning tips from experts around the world. I don’t get called an expert very often so go check it out.

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